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Alla Prima - Oil Painter's Kit (Procreate Coming Soon!)

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100% Vegan oil paint brushes made of the finest digital bristles. 18 versatile, thick, juicy, smooth, old, moist, scratchy, dry brushes custom made for Infinite Painter, compatible with iOS & Android devices. Alla Prima pack for Procreate COMING SOON!

Paint wet into wet, scrape across a built-in canvas texture, then hand sand your brushwork for a scruffy aged look. Feel the thick bristle from a stiff hog hair and a gessoed board, or the soft drag of a mongoose hair. Oh yeah, and there's a hand full of BONUS dry media tools!

Mongoose Hair Brushes:
M Filbert Canvas
M Flat Fade Canvas
M Round Soft
M Flat Soft
M Flat & Sticky
M Flat & Gesso

Hog Hair Brushes:
H Old & Sticky
H Old Radioactive
H Frayed & Hue Jitter
H Frayed & Gesso
H Flat Dry
H Filbert Fluid
H Stiff & Old

Burnt Willow Stick
Fan Blender
Canvas Scraper (Use with white color or as Eraser)
Hand Sander (Use with white color or as Eraser)
Electric Sander (Use with white color or as Eraser)

Happy Painting!

HOW TO INSTALL: Share, or download the .PRZP file with your iOS or Android device. Then share the .PRZP file with the Infinite Painter App. Inside Infinite Painter, you will now see the Alla Prima brush pack in your list of brush folders. 

On Safari IOS

1. Download the PRZP file on Safari.

2. Go to the Files app, and locate the brush pack in your download folder. Files app is an iOS App.

3. Long press the PRZP Brush Pack and click move.

4. Move the brushes to the Painter folder

5. Now that the brush pack has been copied to the Painter folder, click the brush pack and it automatically opens Infinite Painter with the brushes installed.

On Chrome IOS

1. Download the PRZP file on chrome.

2. Open the download and press "Open In" or "Share", then choose Painter. If Painter isn't on the list of apps to open in, you'll need to choose "More", tap "Edit" and add Painter to your list of apps to share with.

PLEASE NOTE: Brush pack is massive and may take up to 5 minutes to import into Infinite Painter. Please allow the program to freeze until the pack finishes installing, do not force close the app.


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Alla Prima - Oil Painter's Kit (Procreate Coming Soon!)

16 ratings
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